What3words app finds Boris’ “oven ready deal” in Somerset

Written by on July 25, 2021

An innovative app that helps people pinpoint locations across the globe is now helping to locate things other than people in the middle of nowhere.

From the emergency services searching for a remote rescue location, to finding that lost friend at a music festival, What3words has broken the entire globe up into three-metre squares and given each square a unique three-word identifier, making finding things easy.

We thought it might be fun to have a look around the app – and the world – to find some notable locations – and to find out where certain three-word combinations would take us.

Here’s what we found…

There has been some contention over Boris Johnson’s oven ready deal in recent years. Does it exist at all, ask many political commentators? Well, Rob Smallwood, of Allestree, Derby, got in touch to let us know it has finally been found – in a field just off Park Lane, in North Petherton.

Elsewhere in Somerset, if you head to the Blake Statue in Bridgwater, you will be at obliging duration shopping, which is apt.

Meanwhile, the nearby Willow Man sculpture is at paint buck professes.

Chard’s Guildhall is opened shout blacked, while the amusement arcade at Burnham-on-Sea’s pier is focal lessening distracts, which works, in a weird way.

The County Gazette offices in Taunton, it appears, rents police copies – so they owe us some money for those newspapers, while the Cooper Associates County Ground, home of Somerset CCC, fumes fine cups.

The best cricket ground, however, is actually near Shanghai, China, according to the app.

If it’s music you’re after, then the Pyramid Stage at Worthy Farm, home of the Glastonbury Festival, can be found at evaded joke sunbeam, but if you’re more politically minded, the Houses of Parliament are driven wedge vibrate, which again seems a suitable three-word description.

We also looked up some well-known three-word phrases, to see where they took us, and there were some interesting results.

We’re all sick of hearing hands face space, so you’ll be pleased to know it has been banished to a spot near Llandudno, in Wales, while on a more optimistic note, you can find a life worth living near Kildeer, Illinois, in the US, apparently.

If you want to live love laugh, as the saying goes, then you need to get to Vikindu Pwani, in Tanzania, and if you’re looking for someone to share that life with, perfect marriage material can be found near Vacaria, in Brazil.

Speaking of eternal quests, those lost keys, according to the app, can be found near Marldon in Devon, while that missing parcel delivery is in Lijiang, China.

On a more philosophical note, proof aliens exist is at Batsfjord, in Norway, while the magic money tree everyone was looking for during a recent general election campaign is near Shady Cove, Oregon, in the US, it turns out.

If you’re in need of a bit of good luck, then the winning lottery number can be found near Bang Bua Thong, in Thailand.

But the only real desire of any good Somerset resident, anew combine harvester, can be found at Nizhniy Odes, in Russia…

Have you found any funny coincidences using the What3words app? Let us know by emailing jamie.jones@newsquest.co.uk

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