Senior staff salaries at Somerset County Council

Written by on April 5, 2021

THE chief executive of Somerset County Council is on a higher salary than the Prime Minister, figures on the authority’s website show.

Patrick Flaherty’s annual pay was £166,851 at the start of the year – that compares to Boris Johnson’s pay of £161,401 at the same time.

Council taxpayers also stump up £30,200 into an employer’s pension contributions for Mr Flaherty.

A further nine people in top jobs at County Hall enjoy six-figure salaries and hefty employer’s pension contributions.

The list of the mega earners at the county council and their annual pay is:

Chief executive – £166,851 salary, plus £30,200 employer’s pension contributions (EPC).

Director of children’s services – £144,600, £26,173 EPC.

Lead commissioner adults and health – £130,494, £23,619 EPC.

Director of finance – £123,300, £22,317 EPC.

Director of commissioning and lead commissioner for economic and community infrastructure – £130,494, EPC £23,619.

Director of public health – £120,000, EPC £17,266.

Corporate affairs director – £105,834, EPC £19,156.

Deputy director children’s services – £109,053, EPC £19,739.

Economic and community infrastructure commissioning director – £111,180, EPC £20,124.

Deputy director adults and health operations – £109,053, EPC £19,739.

County Hall, home to Somerset County Council

County Hall, home to Somerset County Council

A further three senior staff – the head of economic and community infrastructure operations director, the deputy director adult and health commissioning and human resources and organisational development director – are paid £94,551, with their salaries boosted by £17,114 employer’s pension contributions.

On top of that, seven service heads receive £77,545, along with £14,390 EPC packages; 23 strategic managers are on £70,257 (£12,717 EPC); and 32 strategic managers get £56,322 (£10,322 EPC).

Other senior employees’ salaries are listed in pay ranges.

They include deputy director of public health on between £91,004 and £104,927); two consultants on £75,914-£87,754; two public health specialists on £63,751-£73,664; one public health specialist on £53,168-£62,001; one public health specialist on £45,753-£51,668. All also received EPC packages.

The managing director of Somerset Waste Partnership is on a salary of £94,551, with EPCs of £17,114, although his pay is jointly funded by the county council and other local authorities.

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