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Who are we?

Sedgemoor FM is a community radio station, licensed by Ofcom. Our license number is CR000240

We are a not-for-profit organisation, and we’re part of the YMCA Dulverton Group We exist to support the community known as Sedgemoor in Somerset.

Have a complaint?

If you would like to comment on our programming, or have a complaint you would like to raise, in the first instance you may email us through the contact page of this website. You can also write to us:

“Sedgemoor FM Complaints, YMCA George Williams Centre, Friarn Avenue, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 3RF” You can also contact Ofcom in the second instance via their website.


We broadcast hourly national news, provided by IRN, otherwise known as “The Sky News Centre”. We also provide a mix of local news and information every 20 minutes, 24 hours a day.

Info Update

Our Local news and information service is known as “The Sedgemoor FM Info Update” and is compiled using local news, press releases, information about events and charity appeals. The “Info Update” plays every 20 minutes, on the hour (after national news) at 20 past and at 20 to. Most of the information can also be found here, on our website.


As a community radio station, we have extremely limited resources. To maximise our effectiveness, we utilise professional computerised technology from ENCO to ensure we serve our community to the highest standards at all times.


Ofcom, the broadcast regulator restricts community radio stations from earning more than half of their income from a single source. This means that for every £1 we earn in advertising, we have to find £1 from other sources.


That said however, advertising on Sedgemoor FM is extremely effective. We reach more people in Bridgwater than most social media posts… we enhance your brand. We connect the isolated.





Our features include (where current news allows):


We give local charities 40 to 60 seconds to broadcast information about their organisation, or appeal for support or services. 

Thank you’s

Need to say thank-you to someone for doing something special? The listener can call 01278 270057 and leave their message to be played on the radio


3 times a day (at least) we update the community with national entertainment news


Local and national sports updates


We look at the opening and closing markets and the stories affecting business at least 3 times every day. 

Specialist Shows

The Carnival Show

Carnival is a huge part of every-day life in Sedgemoor, especially in November. Every Wednesday at 8pm. we dive in to everything “Carnival” 

Sedgemoor Life (Currently in hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic)

A daily magazine style show looking at life in Sedgemoor, from charities to events, council meetings to local happenings. Hobbies, arts, crafts and more.


We play “Somerset’s Hits” a fantastic mix of songs from the last 40 years and today’s best chart toppers. We play 5 songs in a row every hour to create the perfect daily sound-track and information balance. We’re proud to say that we are made in Bridgwater. Our programming originates from within our town. We have planned our technology to allow us to continue broadcasting, even if our main studio has been closed for reasons out of our control. Thanks to this technology, we’ve remained on-air and supporting our community through all recent crisis, including flooding and the Covid-19 outbreak.

Sedgemoor FM

Somerset's Hits

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