Brymore Academy in Cannington celebrates GCSE results

Written by on August 12, 2021

AN academy school in Cannington is celebrating the dedication and drive of students to acheive top grades under challenging circumstances.

A spokesperson for Brymore Academy said: “2021 has been a challenging year for all of us but most of all for Brymore’s outgoing Year 11, who were the first boys to attend live lessons on Teams in Year 10.

“They set the standard for home working and proved how robust, independent and driven they were.

“The grades these boys have achieved reflect the hard work, dedication and tireless resilience of a spectacular year group. They, more than any year group before them, had to fight to achieve their grades – and it is a testament to their resourcefulness and academic prowess that so many of them have done so well.”

Bridgwater Mercury:

Several pupils achieved the highest grades possible in a number of subjects, placing them in the top 5% in the country.

  • George Davis was the highest attaining student, achieving no less than four Grade 9s (A**) in Agriculture, English Language, English Literature and Geography. He also achieved Grade 8 (A*) in German, Grade 7s (A) in Double Award Science and History and Grade 6s (B) in maths and Computer Science. 
  • George Winslade also did exceptionally well academically, achieving two Grade 9s (A**) in Agriculture and Land Based, four grade 8s (A*) in English Language, English Literature, Geography and History, grade 7s (A) in science and maths and Grade 6 (B) in DT.
  • Bobby Lock achieved Grade 9 (A**) in Business Studies, Grade 8s (A*) in Engineering, Geography and maths, Grade 7s (A) in science and DT, with Grade 6s (B) in English Language and Literature.
  • Josh Comer achieved two grade 9s (A**) in Business Studies and Geography, Grade 8 (A*) in English Language, Grade 7s (A) in English Literature and maths and grade 6 (B) in DT.

The highest achiever this year was Ben Bryant, who achieved, on average, an incredible three grades higher in each of his subjects than he was predicted on entry. Which is, according to the schhol, “a stunning achievement and a testament to the hard-working, dedicated and driven student he has been”.

Bridgwater Mercury:

“The boys above represent Brymore at its best and prove that with diligence and hard work you can go beyond national limits; if you expect more, you can achieve more,” added the spokesperson.

“Each of them deserves congratulating on their results. We could not be more proud of them all. We wish each of the boys from 2021 all the best in their future careers and hope you will visit us again and stay in touch.

“Once a Brymore boy – always a Brymore boy!”

Bridgwater Mercury:

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