Apology over grass length at Bridgwater cemetery

Written by on June 18, 2021

According Bridgwater Town Council, due to the weather and a global shortage of lawnmower parts, the grass at both Quantock Road Cemetery and St John’s Cemetery in Bristol Road has grown too long.

A council spokesperson said: “Our sincere apologies for the length of the grass at both sites.

“We have had issues with our grass cutting equipment, with our ride-on mower awaiting parts – there is a shortage of parts across the world at the moment.

“The grass has also been growing at a fast rate due to the weather during May.”

However, they have made assurances that work is ongoing and the situation will be rectified whicle they await the parts.

The spokespeson said: “The team have been cutting the grass with push mowers and this is labour intensive due to the number of obstructions encountered, over 20,000 memorials, and the size of the sites. Quantock Road is over 30 acres.

“Our ground staff have now cut over half of Quantock Road Cemetery and this has taken nearly two weeks – they have funerals to manage as well.

“We have contractors taking over at St John’s this week. This will enable us to keep on top of the grass at both sites until we get our equipment back.”

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