20.7 Hours

of live radio consumed weekly on average

People listen to the radio for almost a full day each week. Think about it, that’s about 4 hours a day, 5 days a week… 4 HOURS A DAY!

75% of all audio listening comes from live radio

The different characteristics of live radio and on-demand audio mean that they are suited to different need-states and play complementary roles in the listener’s life. By serving different listener needs to on-demand services, live radio remains the dominant format accounting for around three-quarters of all time spent with audio.

88% of people listen to the radio

Radio is a hugely important part of everyday life. Our listeners tune in while eating breakfast, they listen while taking the children to school, they have us on at work or as company at home. Fun fact – 88% of Bridgwater town population is 36000 people. Imagine if just half of those people talked to you tomorrow!


88% of people listen to the radio

1/4 of Bridgwater listens to Sedgemoor FM

53% boost to your brand

when using radio WITH social media

Radio is a brand multiplier, this means it boosts your brand by a stonking 53% when used with social media…it drives people to your door, your virtual door.


Average ROI generated on radio

Rounding the numbers up, for every £1 you invest in radio advertising, you get £8 back. 1 to 8, now THAT is an investment.

People are twice as happy when listening to radio

Radio plays an influential emotional role in people’s lives. This means that it represents a unique and powerful opportunity to reach consumers in a positive frame of mind, when they will be more receptive to advertising messages.

Our listeners use FM Radio, Streaming & Smart Speakers

Sedgemoor FM achieves over 4600 unique online listeners every week

  • This figure represents 8% of Bridgwater’s population every week.
  • According to Rajar Figures from Q4 2019 The Breeze achieve 3.4% reach via FM Radio in their survey area.
  • We estimate that Sedgemoor FM reaches 14% of all FM radio listeners in our area.
  • Combined estimated reach of 22%

46% of Sedgemoor's population listen on digital platforms

According to Ofcom, digital listening is increasing, with 46% of listeners engaging with radio stations through digital platforms like streaming, mobile devices, apps and smart speakers like Alexa and Google.

Advertise with Sedgemoor FM now and reach more of your potential customers

Radio advertising on Sedgemoor FM is not as expensive as you might think, with packages starting from just £50 we have something to suit everyone’s budget.

Join powerful brands like “West Country Windows” and “Sedgemoor District Council” along with local companies like Bedrock and Wilkins.

When times are hard, you should re-double your marketing efforts to make sure you’re the first brand people consider when it all gets better.

  • Our listeners don’t know about your facebook page or website, unless we tell them where to look…
  • You cant read the newspaper while driving…
  • You can’t surf social media while doing other tasks…
  • You CAN listen to the radio.

How many people could my campaign reach?

Bridgwater has a population of 41000 people – but our signal carries much further than this, into surrounding villages.

We estimate a 22% reach, which represents around 10,000 people.

Is radio advertising expensive?

Radio advertising is not as expensive as you think, but as with all marketing its all about what you say, multiplied by how many times you say it.

The more you shout about your product or service, the more people hear it and the better they remember you.

Should I stop my newspaper and social media campaigns?


Radio is a brand multiplier, it enhances ever other campaign you are running. Marketing is about what you say multiplied by how many times you say it, so put your message in print. Put your message on social media and ABSOLUTELY put your message on the radio.

Can I sponsor a show?

Yes you can! all of our shows and features are available for sponsorship – The Carnival show which airs every Wednesday at 8pm for example draws 4 X the number of listeners and engages fans of the event from all over the world.

What about making the commercial?

We do all this for you, we write a script, locate voice over artists and take care of everything. We can even arrange jingles – which are great at sticking in the listeners mind.

What kind of return can I expect on my investment?

For every £1 spent on radio advertising, the Radio Centre suggests the average ROI (return on investment) is £7.70 thats almost 8 times what you put in. Remember this is an average – it could be less but of course, it could be much more!

Where do these numbers come from?

Our figures are based on statistics released by “The Radio Centre” and by Ofcom.

Our online listening figures are provided by imishfish LTD, via the shoutcast platform.

Audience reach is provided by RAJAR and our estimations are based upon combined calculations, industry experience and local feedback.

How many times per day will my commercial play?

This is completely up to you and your budget. We suggest that the minimum number of plays is 6 during prime hours (7am – 7pm) but you should look to your message being played as many times as you can afford.


Word of mouth advertising is powerful... even more so when you hear it from your radio friend.

The listener considers radio to be a “friend” they use radio as a companion. Listeners build a bond with the station and its presenters, they take ownership of the product.

Most people are more likely to engage with a brand, use a service or buy a product if recommended to do so by a friend.

Commercial Audio examples

Here are some examples of a radio commercial.

We play our commercials at 20 past, 20 to and just before the top of the hour, ensuring your message is heard by the most people possible.

A radio commercial is a short, carefully crafted piece of audio to deliver your message. It could contain music, a jingle or something witty to capture the ear and imagination of the listener.


Show or Feature sponsorship

Shows and features on 104.2 Sedgemoor FM can be sponsored by your company. You very own station branded jingle is played after every commercial break, associating your brand with ours and aligning you in premium listening positions.

Features including travel updates, weather and our info updates can all be sponsored, giving you the best possible coverage and showbiz kudos.

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