The country’s under lockdown It’s very hard for some But I embrace my solitude (Although I miss my mum) I get up with the sunrise I make a pot of tea I do my morning stretches No one to hassle me I walk into my garden The bird song greets the day I stand and […]

Stay at home if you can, you know it’s the rule, Wash your hands all the time and don’t be a fool.If you can work from home, make sure that you doThere’s no need to go out , we are relying on you to keep yourself safe for when this is done, just look to the future and […]

April 2, 2020

The earth is healing While we stay inside Dealing with this feeling Of needing to hide Pollution is down The cars are quiet As we stay out of town And heal the climate The animals are roaming As the humans keep away And the shop are closing Communicating in a new way The earth is […]

April 2, 2020

The neighbours are singing On balconies rarely visited Under the sinking light of day People are nodding As they stay two meters away At parks reserved for the sun Volunteer lists have doubled For those who cannot leave Help for the ones in need Although we are physically distant We have never been closer In […]

When the pandemic hits And life gets scary People come together In a world that seems crazy With rainbows on windows And video chats galore People come together In a world that seems crazy Offers of help To shop and collect People come together In a world that seems crazy Video calls galore A smile […]

Clap for them Out in the fresh air We cheer for those inside Clap for the NHS they say The ones saving lives The country comes together Cheers echoing in the sky Clap for the carers they say The ones not safe inside On balconies and front porches Hands come together in respect Clap for […]

A strange new virus has invaded our world It’s called Coronavirus We didn’t expect it – it’s spread far and wide Like a silent enemy around us As panic set in – the shops were ransacked The shelves all left empty and bare A shortage of Pasta, Handwash and Loo Rolls We are now all […]

2020 was the year,  People stayed in  From the virus they feared.  Shops were made to shut.  Jobs had to be done at home.  Time we had spent outside had to be cut,  We could not just go out and roam.  The virus was killing us,  Loved ones, friends and strangers,  They were dying alone with […]

I woke up today, Hoping It was all a dream,  it was just my brain, Playing little tricks on me, and I didn’t have wait in line, just To get some groceries, But thats not the case. 2 meters apart, Are people even listening? Its not even that hard, just a little social distancing, The […]

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