Burnham’s Baywatch

Written by on June 25, 2020

RNLI Lifeguards, paid for by Sedgemoor District Council, will be returning to Burnham-on-Sea beach on Saturday, July 4th.     They will be on the beach from 1000 hrs until 1800 hrs daily.

The RNLI Lifeguards will provide an additional service at Burnham-on-Sea beach alongside the Sedgemoor-employed Beach Wardens. All beach users are urged to follow safety signage and listen to any advice and warning information issued by Sedgemoor’s Beach Wardens or the RNLI Lifeguards – the staff are there to ensure your safety.

The key message is if you’re heading into the sea at Burnham, please respect the water and swim between the red and yellow flags, which have been designated as the safest swimming areas by lifeguards. 

RNLI lifeguards are fully trained in all aspects of beach safety, so if you have any questions please approach a lifeguard who will be more than happy to help or offer expert advice.

Anyone planning a visit to the coast should remember and follow RNLI safety advice:

  • Have a plan – check the weather forecast, tide times and read local hazard signage
  • Keep a close eye on your family – on the beach and in the water
  • Do not allow your family to swim or surf alone
  • Do not use inflatables
  • If you fall into the water unexpectedly, FLOAT TO LIVE, fight your instinct to thrash around, lean back, extend your arms and legs, and FLOAT
  • In an emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard

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