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The mother and widow of PC Andrew Harper have launched campaigns for tougher punishments for those who kill police officers. Debbie Adlam told the PA news agency that “something needs to change” after those responsible for her son’s death were handed 16-year and 13-year sentences at the Old Bailey on Friday. She is calling for […]

A “full, thorough and rigorous” investigation has been promised into the cause of the blast which ripped through Lebanon’s capital Beirut as the UK offered medical and search and rescue experts to help deal with the aftermath. Main image: Before and after the explosion at Beirut’s port. At least 100 people died and thousands more were […]

Bars, restaurants and cafes have been ordered to close as lockdown restrictions are reimposed in Aberdeen over a coronavirus cluster in the area. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said 54 cases have now been reported in the outbreak. A five-mile travel rule has been put in place and residents are being told not to enter each […]

UK adults spent nearly half their waking day watching TV and using online streaming services at the height of the coronavirus lockdown, according to a new Ofcom study. Figures from the broadcast regulator show that during April, people spent on average six hours and 45 minutes each day – nearly 45 hours a week – […]

The Government has been criticised for treating children “as an afterthought” during the Covid-19 crisis and not acting quickly enough to close the UK border in the early days of the pandemic. A failure to quarantine travellers arriving in the UK in the early days of the pandemic “accelerated” the spread of Covid-19, a new […]

A massive explosion has rocked Beirut, flattening much of the port, damaging buildings across the Lebanese capital and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky. While the cause of the blast was not immediately clear, speculation suggested an accidental explosion linked to the storage of dangerous chemicals, although US president Donald Trump said American […]

A massive explosion has rocked Beirut damaging buildings across the Lebanese capital and sending a giant mushroom cloud into the sky. At least 60 people were killed and 3,000 injured, with bodies buried in the rubble, officials said. Hours later, ambulances still carried away the wounded as army helicopters helped battle fires raging at the […]

Coronavirus and the introduction of lockdown measures significantly raised mental health challenges, particularly for the most vulnerable groups, a study has found. The research, by the University of Bath and published in the journal American Psychologist, is the first to examine people’s coping styles in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. It drew on survey […]

Dame Vera Lynn’s daughter has thanked the British public for its “tremendous support” since the beloved singer’s death at the age of 103. The Forces Sweetheart, who entertained troops with morale-boosting visits to the front line during the Second World War, died in June. She was laid to rest last month and Virginia Lewis-Jones said […]

Pharmaceutical companies should stockpile six weeks’ worth of drugs to guard against disruption at the end of the Brexit transition period, the Government has warned. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has written to medicine suppliers advising them to make boosting their reserves a priority. The letter, published online on Monday, reiterates that […]

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