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Plans to build a new motorway service station at Junction 24 of the M5 have been deferred. Councillors were expected to green light the development after the 90 acre site was identified. The site plans feature a roof-top garden could generate 700 permanent jobs for the area. The proposals put forward by Land Owner Notaro […]

A scheme to help people get active has re-opened in Bridgwater. “On Your Bike”, supported by the Town Council has swung open its doors at Trinity hall for cyclists. The scheme, which buys and sells old bikes and helps people repair their own for safe use is encouraging people to get active and cycle round […]

Sedgemoor District Council will be placing warning signs around Bower Ponds in Bridgwater as a precautionary measure as the water appears red in places.   We have contacted the Environment Agency who believe that it is some kind of algal bloom that has occurred due to all the conditions being right for that particular species to […]

Beach users are being warned that dozens of Jellyfish are washing up on the shore-line in Somerset. Although not deadly, the Moon and Barrel species of the creature can deliver a mild sting. As a precaution, people are warned not to touch them. According to marine experts; “This sort of sighting on beaches around the […]

A woman has been rescued after being stuck in waist-deep mud at Brean beach. Five members of Burnham’s Coastguard Rescue Team pulled her from mud yesterday after she became surrounded by the incoming tide. The water was up to the woman’s neck. Once out of the water, she was assessed by waiting paramedics. Only weeks […]

A campaign to clarify the law on preparing a will virtually, led by a Somerset solicitor, has led to new guidance being issued by the government. Up until now, it was understood the document could only be signed with the signatory there in person.The government will now legislate in September to make any will witnessed […]

Local residents are being warned not to lose their voice on decisions that affect them by making sure their electoral registration details are up to date.  With elections taking place in Sedgemoor in May 2021, this is an important opportunity for residents to make sure they can take part. The annual canvass ensures that Sedgemoor […]

Sedgemoor District Council is issuing a final call to people who might be eligible for financial help through the government-backed Covid-19 business grant scheme ahead of its closure next month.  The Government has requested that all payments due under the scheme should be made by the end of August; so to make sure that any […]

Western power are urging farmers to “look up” and be more aware of overhead power lines when operating machinery in fields. A number of incidents have occured where farm equipment has come into contact with the high voltage lines, which could cause fatal injuries and result in power outages for thousands of people. The advice […]

Somerset Wildlife Trust has been preserving Somerset’s natural spaces and safeguarding vulnerable wildlife across the county for over 50 years, but the latest message from the organisation is one of stark reality. With over 18,000 members the trust is set to see a shortfall this year of £200,000 and are launching a campaign for local […]

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