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Advertising on the radio is very powerful. Radio engages with people in a way that no other media can, it speaks directly to the listener, cutting through all of the distractions.

88% of people listen to the radio, according to research by The Radio Centre. With people listen on average for over 20 hours every week.

Working with your local radio station, 104.2 Sedgemoor FM, puts your brand at the heart of the community. It aligns you with tens of thousands of people living within our transmission area.

We are here to help you thrive, we are here so your message can be heard.

Find out more today, talk to our experts about Sales, sponsorships and promotions.

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Are you holding a family fun day, fund rasier,  fete or special event in Sedgemoor? Would you like some showbiz sparkle for a product launch, open day or project? Book Sedgemoor FM to appear!

We’ll bring a PA system, music and one of our presenter team to host your entire event. We can even broadcast LIVE ON THE RADIO from your location too.  Click here to contact us and talk to us today to find out more.

Radio advertising with us is not expensive

We offer excellent value for money and real returns on your investment. We take care of everything for you, we’ll advise you on your marketing strategy, look after script writing and creative and even plot your social media “bursts” to ensure your advertising message is clear, targeted and POWERFUL… all you need to do, is contact us today and start to see your business grow. 


  • There are now over 500 Million streaming music connections every week in the UK.
  • Our online services alone attract the equivalent to 7.5% of Bridgwater’s population every week.
  • 104.2 Sedgemoor FM’s “Lowdown” Feature is FREE for charities and non-profit groups.
  • Our playlist contains over 1300 songs from the last 50 years. Most stations only have 600.

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More and more people are engaging with local radio, listenership is on the rise. Radio is the most powerful advertising platform. Combine radio with social media, print and other platforms, and it works as a “brand multiplier” literally pushing customers to your virtual social, and physical door.

Radio advertising speaks directly to the customer and because radio is hands free, they don’t have to read a post, click a button or scroll a screen to receive your important message.

For every £1 you invest in radio advertising, you get an average of £7 back… FACT

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